Elevate your influencer marketing campaigns with our all-in-one influencer marketing platform

Experience a platform that enables you to discover influencers, scale your campaigns, measure results and pay influencers seamlessly

Data Driven Influencer Marketing at Scale

Influence Network uses AI algorithms, custom built campaign management platform and campaign data to empower agencies and prominent brands to effortlessly expand their Influencer Campaigns across all social platforms, languages and locations. All of this is done using secure, Web3 technology for speed, transparency and security.

AI Discovery Engine

Unlike working with a limited influencer database, our approach is different. We utilise our unique engagement affinity score (EAS) algorithm, which uncovers top-performing influencers aligned with your brand across all social platforms, regardless of language or location. This allows you to tap into a diverse pool of influencers for your campaigns.

Campaign Management

Collaborate with your team to swiftly implement and oversee multi-level influencer marketing campaigns. From providing influencers with briefs to managing content creation, approvals, live postings, and secure payments, our platform streamlines the entire process.

Track & Measure Results

Effortlessly monitor and analyse the metrics that hold significance for your business. Whether it’s campaign metrics like reach and engagement, traffic statistics, or post-click conversion metrics such as sign-ups, sales, and ROI, our platform provides comprehensive tracking capabilities. You can utilise our built-in tracking system or seamlessly integrate with your existing AWIN account. Once you’re done, conveniently export your campaign results to present to stakeholders, ensuring clear and impactful reporting.

Influencer Payment & Web3 Technology

Leveraging the security of blockchain technology, our payment system operates through smart contracts, ensuring prompt and secure transactions in any currency of your choice, regardless of geographical location. Our platform goes beyond traditional payment methods and even facilitates payments to influencers in cryptocurrency, expanding the flexibility and options available to you.

Trusted by Agencies and Brands across the world

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look below at some of the global agencies and brands that trust us to deliver campaigns for their household brand names.