Adding Our Tracking Code

Influence Network Tracking Code - Developers Guide

Influence Network Tracking Code

The influence network tracking code is a unique and proprietary software that allows us to accurately track and monitor the success of brand campaigns across the platform. One of the key features of the software is the ability to place a monetary value on conversions, allowing you to gain an accurate picture of the quality of your conversions as well as a monetary amount. Impression tracking is done automatically and will remember users in between visits to your website, so a conversion that is made 2 weeks after an initial website visit can still be tied back to a unique user.


Add the following code to your website

<script src=""></script>


Impressions are automatically triggered on page load. However, if your website is a single page application you will need to trigger subsequent page loads with the following code.



Conversions need to be triggered manually. Please provide the conversion value as an integer of pennies the following example is £1.