Mike provides management oversight on technical direction and financials. He has 20 years of experience in software business and has spearheaded a number of successful businesses.

Fun fact: He built the worlds first multi-coloured 3D desktop printer!



Harriot is responsible for leading the development and execution of our business strategy, managing corporate decisions and overseeing operations. She also has links with the instagram influencing world, giving her first hand experience in our market.

Fun fact: After getting her Law degree she went on to travel 20 countries and became a travel social influencer!



Ros is an experienced marketeer with impressive and successful involvement in the beauty and health industries. Our Branding and Marketing team wouldn't be the same without her!

Fun fact: Remember Virgin Vie at Home? That was her first beauty start-up!



Nick's experience spans decades, with extensive involvement in hedge fund management making him an invaluable part of our corporate team.

Fun fact: He's super brainy and studied at Oxford!


Advisory Board Member

Philip has advised over 150 SME's since 2009 and attained a 100% success rate in developing businesses using partners' experience in the fields of logistics and digital marketing.

Fun fact: Philip can say the alphabet backwards in less than 10 seconds!


Advisory Board Member

Mitul has more than twenty years of experience in advising leading technology companies, large consultancies, venture capitalists and government organisations on vision, strategy and impact of technology on businesses.

Fun fact: Mitul did his PhD playing with lasers, vacuum chambers, arsenic and liquid nitrogen to build and early electro-optic nanostructure!


project manager

As project manager I oversee the day-to-day activities at Influence Network and ensure the smooth running of the organisation, from reviewing business procedures to ensuring staff productivity.

Fun fact: Trevors' favourite past time is flying quadcopters, fpv racers and helicopters in acro mode!


creative director

As creative director, my main responsibilities include overseeing the creative process behind the platform and website, giving guidance to the technical team on the designs and working with the directors to ensure their needs are met.

Fun fact: Jon enjoys sport so much, he once played badminton for 24 hours! (for charity of course).


Development Lead

As the development lead, I advise the team on how to build and architect a system, to handle the large volumes of data tracking social media generates.

Fun fact: Simon was the Splash UK national champion for 2010 (a small dinghy).



As the head of design and illustration I am responsible for the output of the creative side of Influence Network. I work with Jon to design the platform and website and ensure their smooth development.

Fun fact: Nick once crowd surfed at a concert with the help of none other than Ice Cube himself!


Senior Developer

As a senior developer, my main responsibilities are for the continual development and expansion of the platform and website, giving guidance to the design team and working with the directors to ensure their needs are met.

Fun fact: Alex is a champion frisbee thrower.


Senior Developer

Working alongside the other development team, my main responsibility is for the overall performance of the website and platform. I like to get involved with all of the 'behind the scenes' bits of code that make everything work.

Fun fact: Mike can play the Drums and the Bass and currently plays in a band with someone who came 3rd on C4, Come Dine With Me!

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