Engagement Affinity Score

The influencer scoring system

What is EAS?

EAS (Engagement Affinity Score) is our proprietary scoring system that measures the potential an influencer has to receive meaningful engagement on their posts, allowing us to predict amazing campaign performance. It uses AI to learn from inputs by the team and outputs from past campaigns.

Some of the checks that go into the EAS are:

  • Follower to following ratio
  • Like to follower ratio
  • Comment to follower ratio
  • Comment to like ratio
  • Influencer reply to comment ratio
  • Post frequency
  • Feed saturation level (Percentage of posts that are paid/sponsored versus organic)
  • Influencer post image analysis
  • Influencer audio analysis (new feature)
  • Engaged follower feed analysis
  • Engaged follower image analysis
  • Influencer location analysis
  • Engaged follower location analysis
  • Natural language processing
  • AI powered, predictive performance modeling
  • Follower signal analsyis (Intent & Buying)
  • Relatability Index
  • Follower psychographic determination and analysis
  • Follower demographic determination and analysis
  • Follower likes and interests determination and analysis
  • Positive, negative and neutral sentiment analysis
  • Pod detection/fake like/fake comment detection

It is important to note that this score is calculated at the campaign level for every campaign so an influencer who is more suitable for a particular brand/product and campaign will receive a higher EAS for that campaign specifically and will be rescored for every campaign before being shortlisted by the system. Also important to note is that whilst the AI is always learning, the system is being iteratively improved on an ongoing basis by the development team and has been for the last 5 years.

The History of EAS

The algorithm was developed over 5 years ago in order to fulfil a requirement to find highly engaging niche micro-influencers for one of Intech Ventures scale up businesses, Flix Premiere which was trying to shout in a crowded marketplace with big budget business like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Google Play.

At the time, we found it almost impossible to find enough high quality, engaged micro-influencers manually and the handful that were found took many days of laborious manual scrolling and spreadsheets.

The campaign results were so compelling that Influence Network was born and became a business entity in its own right.

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© 2022 Influence Network. Registered in England and Wales: 10815710

Registered Office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

© 2022 Influence Network.

Registered in England and Wales: 10815710

Registered Office:

20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU