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Why Influencers Should Look to YouTube for Extra Revenue and Marketing Opportunities

16 Sep, 2020
Why Influencers Should Look to YouTube for Extra Revenue and Marketing Opportunities

In this guest post, YouTube Channel and Brand Creator Glyn Horton shares his thoughts on how influencers can achieve success by branching out from Instagram and embracing different platforms. For those who do so successfully, YouTube presents unique revenue opportunities which could see your influencer business scale new heights.

You probably already know that getting into influencer marketing is difficult, but very rewarding. One of the first decisions you need to make as an influencer is whether to concentrate your personal brand on one social media platform or branch out and cross over as many as possible.

Allow me to make the argument for YouTube influencer marketing. 

A lot of people feel there is too much work  involved in making their brand on YouTube and see other platforms as less work and more reward type deals. I bet you didn’t realise that YouTube pulls in just fewer than 2 billion monthly active users though, only just being beaten to the top of the pile of social media platforms by Facebook. 

YouTube Audience

This means the market is HUGE on YouTube, people watch YouTube for a whole variety of different interests and tastes. YouTube gives people the option to watch as much or as little as they want.

This means that if you become and develop as an influencer on YouTube, you have a whole host of options in how to not only create and showcase your content by way of thumbnails, video content and descriptions but how your audience will also consume your content.

YouTube is a very easy to use platform for audiences, and everyone in the world has at least heard of YouTube and probably used it as well. This goes to show why YouTube pulls in such huge numbers of monthly active users, and this number is ever increasing which just shows YouTube is still growing at an alarmingly HUGE rate! 

Being successful on YouTube

Some people say that to be successful on YouTube, you should have started your channel and your brand on there years ago but this is simply not true. The market is huge and is always ready to consume new, interesting, entertaining and informative content. 

I have many years of experience in building brands on YouTube and have created many channels over the years to varying degrees of success. Seeing the numbers of views and subscribers grow is massively rewarding but not only that, once you get to a certain level of subscribers, you can opt in to become a YouTube partner which allows you to gain a percentage of the ad based revenue from the ads that YouTube places onto your videos. 

YouTube Revenue through Google Adsense

Most other social media platforms will only gain you revenue through sponsorship deals but with YouTube, once you’re a partner and signed up to Google Adsense (all very easy to do!), the ad revenue will carry on flowing into your account for as long as your videos keep getting views. 

In the early days, unless your channel has exploded, this revenue will just be small amounts but with this as a constant revenue stream which should only ever increase, it’s something which places it slightly above other social media platforms in terms of reward from all of the hard work you put into your channel.

Of course, there are many examples of people that work full time on YouTube, solely based on their channels revenue but you have to remember, once your channel starts to grow then it’s easier for you to be found by companies to advertise for them as an influencer and to broker sponsorship and affiliate deals. Put in that hard work and you will quickly be rewarded with growing viewership and subscribers and later on, deals with companies. 

YouTube Skills

With YouTube, you’ll very quickly learn a whole host of new skills as well, some being video editing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), image editing (thumbnails) and many others. YouTube is a great way to start getting into influencer marketing by building your brand and watching those numbers grow and I hope this blog has enticed you into thinking about growing on YouTube.

By Glynn from Coffee Fuelled Gaming

Coffee Fuelled Gaming Youtube channel

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