Why brands should look to YouTube influencers when it comes to promoting their product

September 17, 2020

Why brands should look to YouTube influencers when it comes to promoting their product

Guest blogger, YouTube Channel and Brand Creator Glyn Horton talks here about why brands should look at YouTube influencers when deciding how to market their products.


YouTube boasts its position as the second largest social media platform, just falling behind Facebook. Even though they are in second place, YouTube still has a very healthy 5 billion videos being watched DAILY and over 2 billion active monthly users. This goes to show that using YouTube influencers to promote your products, gives your company a huge potential market.


YouTube Skills

To become successful on YouTube, influencers will need to become very well skilled and experienced in a huge range of different skills, such as video editing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Working with Influencers on YouTube will take a lot of the stress of promoting products yourself, as influencers will use their skills to get the most views and engagement to make their videos successful and widely seen by as many people as possible. YouTube influencers will be very good at optimising videos and tags (even if they don’t think so themselves!) to promote videos and get them in front of as many people as possible.

Influencers will likely also promote their videos across all of their other social media channels. I, myself am a YouTube influencer and I know when I create and publish a video, that to get the most views and engagement from a video, there is a need to promote the video across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord as well. For your company, this would then extend the potential reach and awareness of your brand and product which I’m sure you would agree, is a good result!


YouTube Audience

YouTube is huge. YouTube has pretty much been used by everyone at some point or is at least known by everyone. Videos can have a long lasting effect in terms of not only engaging with people but also being remembered by people. People are more likely to remember a catchy video than a still image, which shows that finding YouTube influencers, who have the passion, skills and experience in creating good quality and entertaining content, can be hugely beneficial for your company.

One thing to remember though is to find influencers who are relevant and appropriate to your company's brand and the products which you are advertising. With YouTube, this isn’t too hard to do as there are influencers for pretty much everything. With all of their skills, passion and enthusiasm, I’m sure you can see that YouTube influencers are a great way to promote and advertise products and that their potential reach is huge.

Finding the right influencers and a good amount of influencers can be a little time consuming though and that’s exactly where we at Influence Network can fill in and help you!


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