Tips & Tricks: Photography Lenses for your smartphone

March 09, 2019

Tips & Tricks: Photography Lenses for your smartphone

We think these are great! Although smart phones of recent years have good quality cameras built in there’s always room for improvement and getting your hands on Photography lenses is a great way to do that. A few of our team have used these in the past and they’re guaranteed to give you better quality pictures. Multi lens clips usually come with a macro lens, a wide angle lens and a fish eye lens. There are loads out there; some clip over the camera lens, some come built in to the phone case and some connect with magnets so there are plenty of options to pick from. Our preference is the SANDMARC Lenses for iPhone, they’re very versatile and well made. Check them out here: So depending on your phone and budget check them out get snapping away and improve your content!

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