Tips & Tricks: Hashtags

March 11, 2019

Tips & Tricks: Hashtags

Do you want more people to see your stories, Instagram profile and all the hard work you put in creating a kickass profile? Then you need to start using secret hashtags - and here's how (we like to think of them as secret hashtags as you can’t see them but invisible hashtag is probably more fitting). Select your photo or video to upload on your Instagram story and type in any hashtag that you want to use. Once you have written your hashtag, tap the pen and it can match the text to any colour visible in the photo. Drag the pen across the screen (to the background of the text) until the hashtag matches the background. We then like to make the hashtag as small as possible as well (You can also move the hashtag to the edge of the screen to “hide” it). This lets you get as much bang for your buck out of each picture and story you post! Happy hashtagging ✌️.

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