Tips & Tricks: Enhancing your pics & videos

March 10, 2019

Tips & Tricks: Enhancing your pics & videos

InShot: Add music and emojis to photos and videos. If you don’t know about this cool app then we think you’re going to love it. InShot allows you to upload photos and video, arrange the composition by zooming or rotating to create wicked stories, picture filters and picture collages.

We’re super impressed by the special effects like glitch and neon - as well as being able to alter the speed the video plays back, cropping and flipping. If you’re into your stickers then there are tons of default stickers to choose from, but if you want more there are loads more available in their sticker packs. We love the fact you can add music to your video and edit the placement, trim the track to the parts you want to play and add multiple tracks, so if you wanted to use voice samples over music this feature is a winner!

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