Meet the Influencers. Sianna Westley

March 05, 2019

Meet the Influencers. Sianna Westley

We’re so pleased with the connections we’ve made with our micro influencers, we’d like to show them off a bit. First off is @siannawestley who was one of our first sign ups and has worked on multiple campaigns with multiple brands including our own campaigns and MONAT. Here’s a little insight into how she rolls.

  1. How did you get started on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter etc?

(Instagram) To be honest, I can’t even remember - haha #old. I do remember though that I never posted for any other reason than to share my day. I never thought about how good/bad the image was, I never considered my followers or likes or my audience. Today, I take all of that into consideration and much more - now that we all know there is money involved with Instagram. It's a business.

  1. What's your feed/content style?

My feed is all about being quirky, original, confident and sassy. I really want everyone to feel welcomed for who they are and what they want to be. I promote loving everyone equally no matter age, race, gender, sexuality.. My page is mostly about Fashion & Beauty.

  1. How did you find the Influence Network experience and working with brands?

I really enjoy working with Influence Network as they have provided me with long term brand deals. The communication is great and it feels like we are growing together, like I am apart of something. The brands which I work with are very suitable to myself and my content, so I feel comfortable and eager to create the content I know best.

  1. How do you find ideas for creating content?

Sometimes I take inspiration from Instagram and content the brand has published before. It does help if I choose a focus or an angle to create the content with. I try to create content for a reason, to feel sexy, to feel confident, to help improve something or make life easier. Annndd sometimes its just a little bit of luck/accidents.

  1. What sort of gadgets do you use if any?

I use a Canon 6D (sometimes a 750D) & a Rode Mic to film my YouTube videos. I use Final Cut Pro X to edit. I also use VSCO app to edit Instagram images and sometimes Face Tune.

Siana Westley x

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