Meet the Influencers. Natasha

March 03, 2019

Meet the Influencers. Natasha

Another of our great connections is Natasha @amumsstyle who signed up and landed a campaign with Krisp Clothing. Here’s a little insight into how she runs her fabulous show.

How did you get started on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter etc?

I started my Instagram because I was inspired by many other fashion Instagrammers that I followed. After having two children I felt I’d lost my style and thought if I posted a daily photo of what I was wearing it would force me to get my style back, re-find my love for fashion and wear outfits that I was proud to be seen in. Initially I didn’t show my face in my posts and I kept myself anonymous but slowly my confidence- and following- grew and now I no longer hide my face, or name!

Describe your feed/content style.

My page is called amumsstyle and that’s what it is- a mum’s style! I’m just showing off what I love and hoping others enjoy it.

How did you find the Influence Network experience and working with brands?

I worked with the Influence Network on a Krisp Clothing campaign and I really enjoyed it, I would truly love to do more.

How do you find ideas for creating content?

To be honest I don’t really think I have ideas for my feed as such- it’s more ideas for my outfits each day and I just try and vary them up and show how things can by styled in different ways. I love wearing a sequin skirt dressed down and then dressing jeans up for a night out!

What sort of gadgets do you use if any?

I don’t have any gadgets to help me, just my phone and my 7-year-old son who takes the photos at the end of our close each morning on the school run! Hardly high-tech but it works for me!!

Natasha @amumsstyle

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