Meet the Influencers. Beth Goodrham

March 04, 2019

Meet the Influencers. Beth Goodrham

Another great connection we've made. This time it's the turn of stylist Beth Goodrham.

How did you get started on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter etc?

I started way back in 2011/12 with my blog, Style Guile. As a result of that, I also opened accounts on Twitter, FB, IG etc. The blog was designed to offer every day style advice to busy women over the age of 35 and so my social media accounts reflected that. Describe your feed/content style.

I would say that my content is always positive, encouraging and supportive hopefully with a sense of humour added in. Visually I like it to be bright and happy with pops of colour. Hopefully it is also stylish too!

How did you find the Influence Network experience and working with brands?

Really positive. Harriot is great and I like the way that she manages the relationship between the influencer and the brand. She provides positive feedback from the brand and if she’s asking for information about the brand she’s always reasonable with time scales, deliverables etc.

  1. How do you find ideas for creating content?

I take inspiration from the world around me, from what people who follow me tell me about their struggles, from issues that I face in my own life (wardrobe related, largely!), from what I see in the shops and magazines and also from interiors.

  1. What sort of gadgets do you use if any?

Hmm, define gadgets?! I use my iPhone, a tripod, my laptop and various apps and computer software. Does a daughter who takes most of my shots qualify as a “gadget”?



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