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Influencer Boosting

12 Aug, 2021
Influencer Boosting

How to set up your account for boosting brand collaborations and supercharging your impact!

What is influencer content boosting?

Boosted content is when a brand puts spend behind an influencer's organic social media post to promote it to a broader audience. They appear as sponsored posts that are shown to a predetermined audience that extends past the Influencer’s followers, with the aim of generating even more reach than the influencer can by themselves

The best part of spending on organic posts is that the posts are already live on the platform and you simply choose content that has already performed well organically and then boost it to an even larger audience.

This is a strategy especially useful for increasing brand awareness and  social engagement. The process also has the indirect effect of boosting social followers to the influencer. Once you’ve built your social audience, brands can encourage that audience to convert with CTAs such as “visit profile,” “learn more’’ and “shop now”, delivering better brand ROI and performance which consequently brings more sponsored campaigns back to the influencer.

How to boost branded content on Instagram

Influencers have to grant the permissions for their content to be used by brands:

  • Navigate to the influencers’ Instagram settings > Creator > Branded Content.
  • Turn on ‘Require Approvals’ > Approved accounts > search for the brand and then save.
  • Once the Influencers have set their content live, they will need to opt in to allow the brand to promote each individual post.
  • Before uploading the photo, go to ‘’advanced settings’’. To add the branded content tag onto the post, tap tag business partner.
  • Return to "Advanced settings" and toggle on the allow business partner to promote the content.
  • Once the business is tagged and the promote button is toggled on, publish your content.

Boosting existing branded content - Instagram feed

  • Choose the branded content post and tap three dots at the top right and select Edit from the menu.
  • Tap Add Partner to tag a business account in the post.
  • Search for the business account you are partnering with.
  • Once your business partner is tagged, return to the Business Partner Settings page and toggle on the Allow Business Partner to Promote button.

Boosting existing branded content -  Instagram story

  • View your branded content story that you'd like to promote.
  • Select the three dots that are located at the bottom of the story screen to open the More options screen.
  • To add the branded content tag, tap Tag Business Partner and select the correct business/brand you are partnering with.
    If the business appears in the search results but doesn't allow you to tag it, contact your business partner and ask to be approved.
  • Navigate back to the "More options" screen and toggle on the Allow business partner to give the business access to promote your story.

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© 2023 Influence Network.

Registered in England and Wales: 10815710

Registered Office:

20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU