‘I Wish I Had Your Confidence’ - What goes into being a body positive influencer with over 10,000 followers

September 24, 2020

‘I Wish I Had Your Confidence’ - What goes into being a body positive influencer with over 10,000 followers

The most popular comment I receive as a Body Positive influencer is, 'I wish I had your confidence' - That's why I'm here. 


To teach everyone who finds my page how to love and accept their body, how to be more daring with their outfits and to accept what they have as beautiful.


This has been a long journey for me, and I am still finding new and exciting ways to share my lifestyle. My content has changed so much over the years, but I do believe I have found my niche, my audience, my family. We grow in confidence together and I feel so proud of all of you who have started your self-love journey.


I am going to share with you my behind the scenes, how I get from an idea to a piece of creative content. 


The Idea


A lot of my ideas are a mix of content I see online such as trends or other creators' content and my own personal experiences/twist. 


One of my biggest series online is called "Fat Girl Styles" which I started a few years ago. 

I started the series for two reasons, I didn't want people to see the word FAT as an insult and I wanted my video to have a title which would catch people's eyes. It worked.


Plus size and fat people loved it. They loved the fact I was normalizing the word and that I wasn't offended by it. It also opened the eyes of people who didn't understand it.

I get a lot of comments telling me 'you’re not fat you’re beautiful' and I simply reply saying, 'fat IS beautiful' - I love it. So this idea snowballed and I base a lot of my content around

the fact that I am a fat girl styling clothes for fun and sharing my fat experiences. Whether that's sharing all the offensive sh*t some people say, or portraying different types of plus sized people or simply showing me, being happy, in my body. I mean, lots of other things inspire my videos, it could be a chat I had with a mate who sparked a good conversation, or an advice video replying to one of your comments.


Top tip: I always write down my ideas as soon as they pop into my head. 




A lot goes into creating my content. I have been creating content on social media for over 10 years now, so I have tried and tested almost everything and I just know what works for me.


Mostly I use my phone for filming as I use my Huawei P40 Pro back camera which has amazing quality. I use a tripod & a phone attachment on top. As the back camera means my phone screen is facing away from me, I can't see myself when I film. Luckily, my phone can connect to my laptop and I can mirror my phone on there, so I can still see everything I need. For lighting, I mostly use a large ring light, sometimes I will also bring out two light boxes. I will always have a rough plan of the order I will film to save time, like a rough storyboard. 


I will grab all the clothes, shoes and props I need and I will start filming. This can take between 1-12 hours depending on what I'm filming, so I like to start early each Saturday. Then I will usually spend Sunday editing it all, or if they are quick videos filmed through Tik Tok, I may wake up slightly earlier each morning before work to edit the videos for the day.




I still get excited every time I post content. I wonder, will this help someone today? Will someone new find my content and be inspired? I will do research on what tags to use, clothing links for story swipe ups and create thumbnails too. Once this is set, I will usually post content in the evening time when I know most people have finished work and school.


Then my job is to stay online and connect with you guys. Through comments, direct messages, posting engaging Instagram stories and tracking engagement. I want to know that the 

content I love creating, is something you love watching. 


That is an overview of how I create my ideas into a piece of content. It's a lot of hard work, very time-consuming so my best advice is, always create the content that you want, that you find fun because if you don't love it, you can lose inspiration fast.


Love ya, 





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