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A Green 19

12 Aug, 2019
A Green 19

Here at Influence Network we were super happy to present our very first event this August, focussing on everything sustainable, eco-friendly and green! Attendees included some fantastic influencers in this space including Ben and Roxy from So Vegan, Nicole from Vegan Beauty Girl and a whole host of wonderful ladies such as Plant Steph, Georgia Meacham, Serena Lee and Nourishing Amy. We started the event with welcome drinks from Proudly Vegan Wines and a tasty chocolate fix from Nomo Chocolate for everyone.

As people settled in our brands truly started to shine, with MONAT Hair offering fabulous makeovers with their onsite stylist, Koi Footwear engaging guests with their huge Spin The Wheel, and Miiro Icecream filling up hungry influencers with their indulgent chocolate treats.

We had a great time mingling with everyone and seeing all the original content they were creating with our IG props, branded (biodegradable!) giant balloons and the abundance of eco-friendly, green products our brands had brought along. We then took the opportunity to introduce ourselves and delve into what we do here at Influence Network; from our AI algorithm to our fully self serve tech platform. We then handed over to the founders of Bybi Beauty, Elsie and Dominika, to give a talk about sustainability in ingredients. They enlightened us all on how, in Beauty particularly, the focus shouldn’t just be about the sustainability of packaging, but the ingredients contained inside and how they affect the environment.

We heard about how Bybi trace their ingredients from source right through to distribution to ensure their entire supply chain is as green as possible. They also talked us through their ‘Green Score’ which helps consumers see how sustainable and eco-friendly each product they sell is, as well as acting as a benchmark for Bybi themselves to reach. Elsie and Dominika explained how they are making constant updates across their whole range to adhere to and exceed these green principles.

After a riveting talk from the Bybi ladies, it was time for food. The highlight of the event for some; Unity Diner put on an epic plant based spread for us which included Tofish bites, Fried Shrimp, Caeser Salad, Kale and Quinoa, Loaded Sweet Potato Fries and more. The photos speak for themselves, as did the completely empty buffet at the end of the event! A massive thank you to all the staff and chefs that provided the food - our influencers were super happy to be leaving an event totally full (with no expense to the environment!).

We finished off by grabbing some obliging guests for a few quick interviews. Special thanks to Kitty Cowell and Julie for chatting about the event and how you find being plant based in the influencer space. We heard from Chloe Tesla on her struggles being vegan in the fashion industry and how to deal with working on projects as a model where the companies do not consider their impact on the planet, animals or oceans. It was great to hear about her favourite brands in the space that are making leaps and bounds in sustainable and cruelty free fashion. Thanks also to The Vegan Gals and A Spoon of Peanut Butter for giving us a glowing review of your time at A Green 19 and what brands you loved at our Event!

We’d like to again thank everyone who came by and made the day the success it was; to all the brands that attended and showcased their products (and gave some out too!) and to Unity Diner and Proudly Vegan Wines for the food and drink we all enjoyed. Special thanks to the brands who kindly added their products to the goodie bags, they were extremely well received and a reason that some people made sure they came by!

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© 2023 Influence Network.

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